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For visitors from abroad

We look very much forward to welcoming you at Brahetrolleborg Game Fair 2019!

On Brahetrolleborg Estate, in the middle of Denmark on the southern Danish island of Funen, we live in and off nature!

We strive towards being the very best we can at everything we put our hands to. That of course also applies to Brahetrolleborg Game Fair, which we hope you want to be part of.

Brahetrolleborg is not usually open to the public. The listed buildings, considered one of Denmark’s most important manor farms, with its large lawns, ponds and surrounding hunting grounds, make for a beautiful and unique setting for a hunting, fishing convention with outdoor events.

Brahetrolleborg, geographically set in the middle of Denmark very close to our neighbouring
countries Sweden and Germany, makes it easily available to the whole country.
We expect approx. 130 exhibitors and around 18.000 visitors.

Brahetrolleborg Game Fair is not your usual funfair, with melting ice cream trickling down your hand. Rather is there a shotgun by your cheek and a trigger by your finger, when you try some of the latest firearms. Rather is there mud on your boots, when you try driving the Ranger through the terrain.

All of this is life as usual at Brahetrolleborg and they are things which we look forward to sharing with you.

We hope that you, our potential guest or exhibitor would like to read on and that you decide to come and join us.

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